Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chicago Drum Show clinician slots

What do we look for in clinician selection? Lots of things... I guess the bottom line is that the artist has to have chops, has to be enough of an educator and entertainer to present a structured clinic that will entertain and inform. It helps, of course, if there is enough of a resume and/or name recognition to draw people to this event. The artist's fee has to be in line with our budget, and it helps if there are sponsors to help underwrite the expenses of bringing the artist in. We do help artists break in occasionally, and make a special effort to recruit local artists and female percussionists.
This morning I received a note from an artist seeking a clinic position. Included in his note: I'm endorsed with D.W. Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth & Evans. I always here great things about your event.
If you get the chance, please check out my page on Drummerworld. Here is the;
(I replaced his name with the x's to avoid embarrassing him publicly.) Perhaps I am being a little picky, but there are in my opinion three problems with this. First off, I do not think it was appropriate to use "I'm endorsed with...". I believe he was trying to say "I'm endorsed by..." which I would also have a problem with. When an artist signs an endorsement deal with a manufacturer, it primarily means that the artist is endorsing the manufacturer, not so much that the manufacturer is endorsing the artist. Second problem; "I always here..." should be "I always hear..." Again, this is picky, but I am looking for skilled communicators. Lastly; the link that the guy sent was no good. I tried it several times before simply googling him to learn a little about him.