Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bahlke House named Historical Site

The residence of Rob Cook & Maria Bruno, known locally as the Bahlke House, has been named a historical site by the Gratiot County Historical Society. Built in 1907, the 6,000 sq ft 3-story tudor was constructed as the residence of Wm and Mary Bahlke. Bahlke was a lawyer, farmer, postmaster, and village president. In addition to playing central roles in the startups of a bank and several important manufacturing concerns, Bahlke was a major benefactor of Alma College. He donated the land still used as Bahlke Field and his widow built a stadium there. Mary also started Alma's first library in a storefront. When she died, the Bahlke House was bequeathed to the city and it became the public library with meeting rooms for women's clubs. A residence since 1974, Cook & Bruno have lived in the Bahlke House since 1996.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Appraisal documentation for tax deductable donations

If you donate gear to a museum, school, etc. and plan to deduct the contribution from your taxes, you need form 8283 from the IRS. The first section of the form is for donations valued under $5,000 and you can complete it yourself. Section two is for donations valued over $5,000; for that one you need to attach an appraisal. I am a qualified appraiser; contact me if you need assistance! (I just completed an appraisal of Francine Bellson's donation gear which she gave to The Louie Bellson Heritage Days of Rock Falls, IL.)

Watch out for this guy!!

Before you spend $10,000 on a drum from an Ebayer with only one feedback, think carefully.

This guy stiffed me for his drum show booth 2 years ago with a bad credit card and seems to have no physical address. I managed to get his stepfather on the phone, who was not at all surprised and said even HE does not know where the guy lives or does business.